The first seven months export growth of textile garment over 45%

From Jinjiang City Economic and Trade Bureau data show, January to July Jinjiang clothing, textile and chemical fiber exports $ 730 million and $ 592 million respectively, an increase of 47.57% and 45.81%. Data reflect the Jinjiang textile garment export good momentum.

Reporters learned that many reasons to promote the Jinjiang textile garment export growth in consecutive months, including the market rebound, government support guide, export enterprises to actively expand and retaking Southeast orders etc.


European markets rebound significantly, corporate pick more profits orders to do

Textile garment enterprises have said that European and American markets rebound, significant growth in orders, especially in the U.S. market, orders increase significantly higher than the European Union. According to the introduction of these enterprises, orders overall increase in quantity, but due to the large environmental impact, effective orders remained inadequate, orders profit space is limited. Nowadays they are picking high profit orders to do.

In recent years, Europe customer orders require multiple styles but a small number, and the control on the details is very strict, if price unchanged, orders profits is restricted. In order to allow enterprises to better apply at this stage of orders, enterprises transform extensive management to product development and reduce consumption, improving plant manufacturing chain in every detail.


Adjustment of product styles, mainly develop the South American market

While maintaining the original market, many export enterprises also turned to emerging markets in this year, in which South American market is their main concern and the product matching become the key to open up new markets. In the opinion of Entrepreneurs, as businesses used to be doing Europe and America orders, and now want to open up a new market, both in product design or in the production process requires a transformation and adaptation process. Considering the emerging markets not only in the economic environment but also in the social environment still has unstable factors, so most of the enterprises to adopt a gradual approach, rather than large quantities of inputs. “For these South American countries like Brazil needs a lot of shorts, we work on this single product” an entrepreneur says.


Actively go out to expand, Southeast Asia orders reflux

Through several months of textile apparel data analysis found, European markets to enhance the level of consumption is clearly the main reason, but the loss of orders to Southeast Asian countries begin to return is a important phenomenon. In particular some large export companies, this year received a lot of orders in Southeast Asia, some of them can’t be done so transferred to a small processing enterprises. Currently, this underwear industry chain in China is a common phenomenon. In addition, the enterprises to actively go out and explore the market, grab orders are achieved growth of more subjective and positive factors.

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