Aluminum surface treatment process

Aluminum is a common kind of material in everyday life, but for aluminum surface treatment process, many people are not very understanding, the following surface treatment process about aluminum mainly based on the requirements of different options.

1.  Anodizing

An oxide film formed on the surface of the aluminum plate, can effectively improve the protective properties of aluminum. The oxide film is not conductive, which do not apply to the case of electrical conductivity.

2.  Colored after anodizing

Film forming various colors in the oxide to meet certain requirements, such as optical instruments parts commonly used in black, medals covered with golden and so on.

3.  Conductive oxidation

It can be used not only to protect but also conductive occasions.

4.  Chemical oxidation

For general protection, easy processing and low cost.

5.  Coating organic protective layer (paint, spray, etc.)

External protection and decoration for equipment, it usually conducted on the basis of the oxidation.

There are other preparatory processes prior to the surface treatment process, such as polishing (mechanical, electrochemical, chemical method), sandblasting, etc. which can enhance the function of the surface treatment.

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