Silver fiber functional fabrics become the favorite of the textile

Recently, in the textile fabric market learned that, today, development of the textile industry has entered a more advanced age, R & D personnel merging high-tech into people’s daily needs to produce consumers need fabric. It was observed that currently, the market’s new silver fiber fabrics as a functional fabric tight with the pace of technological development, to lead a new generation of fashion trends and plays a leading role in the industry.

It is understood that silver is not only having a good electrical conductivity, but also have a strong shielding effect to electromagnetic radiation. In recent years, researchers cleverly use this characteristic of silver fiber to fuse the modern technology and metal used in textiles. By Silver fiber made of clothing can form an electromagnetic shield around the body, which effectively shields the high middle of electromagnetic waves. While natural silver benefit human health, it has good radiating and sterilization effect. Reporters learned from the lion fabric market, this summer, silver fiber fabric ushered sales season.

In addition, in e-commerce, with the advent of hot summer weather, sales volume of radiation suit in July this year increased by nearly 20 percent over last year, silver fiber series radiation suit of sales increased significantly.

Insiders pointed out that silver fiber fabric caused a sensation is foreseeable, this is just the precursor of textile industry to the development and transformation of functional fabrics, there will be more functional fabrics come out in future. With the silver fiber fabrics enter more and more areas, it more and more frequently appear in people’s lives, silver fiber represent the textiles upgrading of this future direction.

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